PhD in Computer Science and Information Systems, Birkbeck College, University of London

Research Scientist, Knowledge Media Institute of Open University

  • Carried out research as a part of the Institute of Coding Projects (, a national initiativewith Åí20m funding aiming to enhance the education and employability.

  • Delivered improvements in end-to-end automated learning data analytics including transferring data into experience API statements for standardisation, sending data into Learning Record Store (LRS), extracting data from LRS, and developing machine learning (a subfield of Artificial Intelligence) models for students’ performance prediction.

  • Performed analyses: building statistical models, apply machine learning techniques using various software libraries, building models and simulations and applying optimisation techniques.

  • Collaborated with research colleagues and academics from other institutions to design data mining experiments.

  • Deployed data science cycle (understand the problems, collect, manage, and clean data, exploratory analysis, build a model and validate model) and built technical reports.

  • Design, planning and developing software for communication with users.

  • Moved prototypes into a production environment.

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